For a general understanding of the litigation and the steps underway in the case Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy v- Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, review the previous updates shown below.

The time consuming effort to establish the record for the upcoming trials in the cases that allege WDFW violated the Opening Meeting Act (OPMA), Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and the Public Records Act (PRA) during its North Of Falcon (NOF) salmon season setting in 2018 and 2019 is continuing on track.  As for documents, WDFW is required to produce the documents with each page stamped with an individual number.  Todate, WDFW has supplied thousands of pages of documentation to the Advocacy legal team and the discussion is underway as to which documents are to be selected into creating the trial record.  If the two sides are unable to decide what goes into the trial record, a hearing is set and the presiding judge decides.

The second form of evidence comes in the form of testimony.  In anticipation of calling witnesses to the stand during upcoming trials, the Advocacy has completed depositions of WDFW Director Kelly Susewind, Assistant Director Ron Warren, and senior staffer Kyle Addick.   The depositions todate have been cordial and polite as each of individuals were simply asked to explain their roles in how seasons were set.

Since WDFW has announced a schedule for NOF in 2020, the Advocacy has been repeatedly asked if the litigation would have an impact on this year’s season setting.  The answer is any changes would be up to WDFW.  The trials underway are expected to be completed in the spring and summer of this year as the 2020 seasons are in final stage of adoption if not already adopted.

Those who would like to read the depositions to gain greater understanding into how salmon seasons in WA are actually set can select the name below to be linked directly to the transcript of that individual’s testimony.

Kelly Susewind

Ron Warren

Kyle Addick