The Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy
How to help

Interested in sharing your knowledge, education, or career experiences?

The Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy is comprised of non-paid volunteers. It is our philosophy that within the public ranks are individuals with extensive talent, knowledge, experience, or education regarding fishing, wildlife, and natural resources management. The challenge is to find those individuals interested using their intellectual powers to assist in the processes wherein public policy decisions are made that effect our natural resources.

The Advocacy has two forms of participation, the Technical Advisory Team (TAT) and our Resources List. The TAT is comprised of individuals with extensive educational and career experiences. The Resources are individuals that may have similar backgrounds as found on the TAT and also those that have knowledge and expertise gained from their hobbies or private lives.

If you are interested in discussing participation as a member of the TAT or adding yourself to the Resources List, please let us know by using the email form on the Contact page of this website.

Want to financially contribute?

The Advocacy is a duly formed WA nonprofit organization granted (501 (c) (3) status by the IRS.  Donations are tax deductible.  To contribute via check, please make the check payable to:

Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy

P.O. Box 179, McCleary, WA 98557

To contribute via a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, use the "donate" button.