On September 25th, Pacific County Judge Michael J. Sullivan granted the state’s motion to dismiss the first legal challenge to the new Willapa management policy filed by the Willapa Bay Gillnetters Association.  As expected, the WBGA moved to Thurston County challenging the 2015 commercial season rule or “WAC” that was adopted by the Department with the policy guidenance provided by the Commission. The latest petition filed reads closely to the one filed earlier in Pacific County.  Bottom line is the WBGA is arguing the Department is required to provide a commercial gillnet season that provides a profit level its members find acceptable.  The Advocacy is preparing to once again file a motion to intervene to represent the interests of its members and others that have supported the Commission’s efforts to manage fishing harvest in Willapa Bay in a responsible fashion.  The latest petition filed by the WBGA is available for viewing or downloading here.  A list of the different court filings are available on the right side of this page.