On November 10, 2015, the Advocacy sent out a letter addressed jointly to Dave gauntlet, Director of the Quinault Division of Natural Resources and Jim Unsworth, Director of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. The Advocacy is publicly requesting the two co-managers in Grays Harbor terminal to take actions to limit the impacts of the treaty and non-treaty fisheries in December on the late run cycle of natural spawning Coho due to return in late November through December in tributaries that enter Grays Harbor.  Read the letter here.


The Advocacy has decided to share the letter with the citizens who live in the coastal region.  A notice of the letter and its availability for viewing or downloading on this website was incorporated into an ad and placed into the Aberdeen Daily World, Montesano Vidette, East County News, North Coast News, and South Beach Bulletin serving the coastal region on the week of November 22, 2015.

LEGAL UPDATE-   GILLNETTERS file another legal challenge, this time in Thurston County.

The Willapa Bay Gillnetters Association has filed yet another legal challenge to the Willapa Bay Salmon Policy recently adopted by the Commission.  After a judge in Pacific County dismissed a prior suit challenging the policy, a suit was filed in Thurston County challenging the actual season regulation adopted for 2015.  The Advocacy will once again file a motion to intervene in the case to protect the interests of its members and others who have supported the Commission’s efforts to manage fisheries in a responsible fashion.   Read all about it on the “Legal Issues” page shown above in the menu bar or click here.