Following up on a similar request to the Pacific Salmon Commission that sets seasons north of WA to AK, the Advocacy has requested PFMC to likewise consider the impacts of its fisheries on natural spawning stocks returning to Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor, and tributaries on the WA coast.  PFMC is a multi-jurisdictional organization of west coast states, the feds, and tribal governments that establish fishing seasons within WA coastal marine waters. 

As we did earlier with PSC (see below), the letter explains how a very small portion (estimated between 6-8%) of the coastal natural spawning Chinook stocks actually survive the gauntlet of fisheries installed on the Pacific from AK south.  Citing Willapa Bay as a prime example, we point out the runsize is often depleted to the point where the number of fish coming out of the Pacific into the bays and streams is less than the escapement goals for spawners making management for conservation nearly impossible even if all commercial and recreational harvest inside the bay was entirely eliminated.  The Advocacy goes on to explain the inappropriateness of continuing to lay all the conservation burdens onto the people who live and/or fish on the bay or local streams. 

The letter to the PFMC is available for viewing or downloading here