The Advocacy has engaged in numerous projects since the organization was formed.  These projects are intended to improve the management and use of public resources to the benefit of the current and future generations that live in or visit the coastal region of Washington state.  In addition, the Advocacy participates in litigation and regulatory reviews that can be reviewed on the Legal Issues page.


The South Montesano Boat Ramp Project

In late 2014, the Advocacy was asked by local citizens to help support an effort by WDFW staffer Brandon Troyer who was volunteering to process a request from the Recreation and Conservation Funding board for grant funding to initiate much needed improvements to the boat launch on the Chehalis River adjacent to Mary's River Lumber.  Smaller to medium size fishing boats, canoes, and other watercraft are launched at the site throughout the year. Locals also use the facility for picnics and swimming.

Often, especially during fall salmon seasons, the ramp and parking areas are overloaded.  In addition, the concrete ramps suffers from erosion making launching difficult and the other facilities are long overdue for replacement.

The Advocacy endorsed the project and worked in concert with Mr. Troyer to produce pictures, documentation, and petitions of support from citizens and local merchants who cater to visitors to the ramp.  Under Brandon's leadership, the ramp project earned a #2 ranking on the list of approved projects from around the state.  Following the 2015 Legislative session, the Recreational and Conservation Funding Board formally announce the project was funded.  The project and applications can be viewed here.

A very special thanks to Brandon who invested significant personal time in processing the grant application for the ramp replacement and other improvements at the site. 



Example page of the petitions turned in supporting the South Montesano boat ramp project

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